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How this works

My plan is that at least once a week, I will be posting a topic for us Youth Ministers to discussing.  I will write up some thoughts and ideas based on my experience.  I do not claim to be an expert, just someone who has had many experiences, good and bad, that I have learned and grown from.

What I would love from all of you fellow Youth Workers is to respond to the post with your thoughts and ideas so that we can learn from each other the best way to reach teens for Christ.

Furthermore, if you have topics you would like to see discussed, please post them or email me at

So, to kick things off, what are some topics you would like to see discussed here?  Post a comment or email me.


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Welcome to the Not a Mega Church? Blog.  This blog is designed to inspire Youth Pastors and Ministers around the world that although they may not work at a Mega Church and get the exposure of those Youth Pastors and Ministers, you can still make a huge impact on others and build a ministry that lasts.

To get things started, subscribe to this post to stay current on regular posts and feel free to add comments so that we can be inspiring others with ideas that have both succeeded and failed so that we can be building ministries that last.


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