Welcome to the Not a Mega Church? Blog.  This blog is designed to inspire Youth Pastors and Ministers around the world that although they may not work at a Mega Church and get the exposure of those Youth Pastors and Ministers, you can still make a huge impact on others and build a ministry that lasts.

To get things started, subscribe to this post to stay current on regular posts and feel free to add comments so that we can be inspiring others with ideas that have both succeeded and failed so that we can be building ministries that last.



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3 responses to “WELCOME

  1. Donkey…you want us to check out your blog and you don’t post? Come on!

    • tompounder

      I will be posting at least weekly, maybe a few times a week. I’m still working on the first one. But thanks for checking the blog Craddock :).

  2. Tom, thanks for the blog!

    Rich Grassel, my mentor, has a fantastic and relevant book out entitled “Help! I’m a Small Church Youth Worker.” This a great resource if you are in a smaller church setting.

    Let’s get together again sometime!

    In Jesus,


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