Brainstorm Time: PARENTS!

As a father, my wife and I see books like these, “Family Devotions” and “Devotions for Kids” by Tyndale.  The point of these books is to get families together by doing a devotion and talking about Christ together as a family.

Obviously, this works and is a great idea for families with young children as it allows them to spend time together and be encouraging each other in Christ.  But how do you encourage this same kind of time together in families with tweens and teens without it being “lame”?  Is there a way to do this?  Also, do the parents with youth in your program know what you all are doing (curriculum) so that they can be engaging their youth at home?  If so, how do you communicate that to them?

So, if you want to post back your comments on these 2 questions, I think we could have some great encouragement for each other as we attempt to be more effective in ministry:

  1. How do we encourage time together in families in which they are spending time talking about Christ?
  2. How do we communicate with parents what our curriculum is so that they can be engaging their children at home and following up/reinforcing the teaching points and application?

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