My last post talked about the importance of Assessing where your students so that you are making an impact on them for Christ.  Then, part of the TAKE A MINUTE challenge was to start assessing where your students were by starting a notebook of sorts where you can write down interests, where they are with Christ and anything else you know about them that will help you assess where they are at.

But, I know there are other ways to assess where they are at and tools are out there for you to begin this process.  For instance, I found these:

  1. Youth Specialities has great handouts you could use.  They have high school ones and middle school ones.  Check them out as they offer a variety of discussion starters.  But, more importantly, they have some Assessment Handouts so you can find out exactly where your students are at.
  2. Spiritual Assessment Test by Lifeway.  This is something you can do and modify to fit what you want to ask.
  3. Teachervision has some great “Get to Know” mixers and ideas.  Obviously, this site is geared to School Teachers, but a tweak here and there and you can replace some of their get to know items with what you want to know about your students.  Be careful though – pick wisely, the 1st 3 links you click on this site are FREE!  After that, it cost money.

These are just a few ways you can begin the assessment process.  But, again, I know there are more ways and tools you can use you can do this.  So, TAKE A MINUTE and…

  • Post a comment of ways you have used to Assess Where Your Students Are At so that we can all benefit!

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One response to “Brainstorm Time: HOW DO YOU ASSESS YOUR STUDENTS?

  1. Great links on assessing where our students are. The first two links did not open for me, but the others looked good. Lifeway has a lot of really good resources and I have used them a lot in the past. Lifeway, and Youth Specialties, both have fantastic resources to help youth leaders do the hard work without working too hard.

    Assessment is so important so that we do not over or under teach our youth and so that we can meet them where they actually are and not where we think or assume they are.

    I have found that interviews with a few key youth are very helpful for me in assessing where my group is in their walk with Jesus.

    Thanks for another really good topic.

    In His Grace,

    Robbie Pruitt

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