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Ministry Tool Bag

On Saturday, I took the plunge.  I threw my loyalty to the side and jumped in to the wonderful world of the iPhone!  I have always loved Apple products as I have a MacBook and an iPod, but I have been with Verizon for years and most of my buddies are on the “In” network.  So, my loyalty to Verizon and even Palm (to a lesser degree) was strong, but alas, it finally took a backseat on Saturday.

Since I made my purchase, I have been busy downloading Apps for my new iPhone. Whatever I am interested in, there definitely appears to be an “App for that”!  As I have been exploring this whole new world (can you feel the excitement I have been experiencing since I bought the iPhone?) it made me think about what Apps are in my Ministry Tool Bag.  What do I carry around with me that will help me minister?

Currently, in my ministry toolbag, I have my:

  • MacBook so that I can be connected anywhere I go and able to work on messages. This contains all my major documents and resources we use for ministry.  Whether it is a video, a Bible or youth rosters, I carry my MacBook around whenever I can.
  • Bible so that I can do my Quiet time or look through scripture for messages.  I could use my MacBook or iPhone, but sometimes I like the book form.
  • iPhone (previously my Treo) so that I can stay connected to youth and the office.
  • Spiral Notebook.  This carries my “To Dos” and Notes so I can scribble down some notes for an event or future talk if I don’t feel like pulling out the MacBook.

So, this being said, what is in your ministry tool bag?  Share your thoughts and why you have them in your bag.  It’d be great to see what others carry around and maybe we might be able to add that to our toolbag.

Also, if you have a cool iPhone app that I need to download, post it.


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